CHAIRMAN Bill Bolsover suggested Worcester Warriors would look to avoid a director of rugby “who wants to completely change the scene” when replacing Gary Gold.

Gold will leave Sixways at the end of the season to take the reins with the USA national side but is set to help the club search for his successor.

Bolsover said addressing a lack of stability would be a priority and that he hoped to secure the new man for a three-year period, possibily starting during Gold’s tenure in order to “blend in”.

“We will have more coming in to us over the next few days,” predicted Bolsover having stated the search had already started.

“We have ideas but it is very important to get the right person to suit the people and players we have here now.

“Sometimes you can bring in a director of rugby who wants to completely change the scene.

"There are always things we want to change but we want to try to get some stability into the club – that is one thing I think we have been lacking for the past few years.

“I would certainly like to think we will sign someone for three years and we are looking to bring in someone at the same level (as Gold).

“Firstly, anyone would have to fit what we have now and where we want to be. We still have a vision of building stability and moving it up until we get to that top six.

“We’re also looking for someone to blend in with how we started the season, even with someone like Ed Griffiths. He brought certain things to this club and they were useful. They will be blended in with how we replace Gary.”

Addressing the impact on those who remain, Bolsover said: “Some of the coaches are due for renewal anyway so it is up to them as to whether they wish to stay and down to what the new director wants.

“If we picked someone tomorrow, we would look to blend them in before Gary leaves because it is important for the players to see continuity when they are signing new contracts and there are new deals to sign over the next two or three months.”

Bolsover added that Gold would leave with his blessing but that the club had been keen to retain his services.

“If we could have convinced him to stay longer then we would have done," said Bolsover.

“He has a wife and kids in South Africa. This USA role takes up less time than he spends here so he will have more time back home.”

Asked whether defeats in Worcester’s opening five Premiership outings had influenced Gold’s decision, Bolsover said: “Categorically no.

"I spoke to him about this before the season started, although this specific role hadn’t come up until a few weeks ago. Now we have to focus on who we get in for next season.

“They are disappointed but they knew he was only signed up until the end of May. Now he has the opportunity to take a team to the World Cup and that is important to him. From that he can develop his career.

“I didn’t want to stand in his way. I want to do what is best for Worcester but he has done very well for us and we should support what he wants to do.”