I HAVE a problem. I do not want the police authorities to be replaced by an individual commissioner.

Most, if not all will be supported by a political party as individuals do not have the money or organisation to campaign for themselves. One has already withdrawn for this reason.
Do we really want politicians to have control of our police?
An individual will also be easier to influence, I almost wrote bribe, than a committee.
So, what do I do?

If I don’t vote it will be put down to apathy and I don’t know enough to choose the best candidate.
Unless someone has a better idea I shall spoil my voting paper, possibly by writing “Keep the Police Authorities” on it.
In this way I will have voted, and spoiled papers are counted and recorded.
If spoiled papers exceeded the votes for any one candidate the message might get through.
If you don’t want police policy controlled by politicians please join me and vote.
Derek Spencer
Birmingham Road             Kings Coughton