I MUST state first, I hate the Tories after the Thatcher years, and so find it odd that I prefer our current MP Karen Lumley to our last disgraced Labour MP.

Personalities are very important in politics, even more so now when political parties are bedfellows (all in it together) sharing the same policies, giving us no real choice anymore. With Europe imploding we need to get out of the EU before all the EU comes here swopping us.

The Ancients had predicted the end of the world on December 21, 2012, others the 12/12/12.
This may well be a worldwide stock market collapse much worse than before the last world war.
Speaking of which who needs tanks when you can destroy countries through the banking systems crippling the economy followed by infrastructures being sold off, the people thrown on the scrapheap, or enslaved on the minimum wage.

We certainly need a strong understanding MP who always puts Redditch people first rather than themselves a lot of the time.
Orion Moon
Southcrest, Redditch