Mercian Military History

This month Member Ron Gallivan delivered The ‘Viking impact on Britain – AD 800 to AD1100’ which was an overview of how the Vikings influenced the whole of the British Isles – Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England. We looked at the three main (but different) groups of Vikings – Danes, Norwegians and Swedes who each had their own historical impact and travelled as far afield as America to Istanbul, Iraq and Egypt, trading and raiding. We looked at their impact on the British Isles from their first landing on the Dorset coast in AD 787 to the Norman Conquest.

We learnt about their ‘Warrior’ culture, home life, shipbuilding and navigational skills which allowed Viking Exploration and Raiding at will. We also learnt about Viking Dublin which became the Western market of an International slave trade, all interesting stuff with many interesting facts revealed.

The next meeting is on August 17, with ‘Life medieval England and the Black Death’ – slightly gruesome but very interesting and humorous in places. Doors open at 7pm for a 7.30 start, normal £4 door charge applies.

Contact Ron Gallivan on 01527 545450 or e-mail for details.