Ladies Wine Association

A New World Selection was brought by Sue Davis of Affordable Wines based in Worcester for our April meeting. Eight wines were tasted, beginning with a sparkling rose from Chile, which was unusual as it was made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes. We learned that sugar in the bottom of a glass indicated that the wine has finished fermenting and is perfectly all right.

This was followed by three whites from Australia, Argentina and South Africa. With blended wines, as the process takes time, it is cheaper to do varietal ones. Australia has some really good oenologists who make the wines. With Argentina, it is all about altitude because it is so hot there, whilst South African wines can be fruity and have wide appeal.

Also from South Africa was another rose, followed by two Pinot Noirs from Chile and Australia which were quite different. The final wine was an Australian blend of Shiraz with just 3% Voignier which made it smooth. This was most popular and represented excellent value.

We all agreed that once again Sue had brought a stimulating, interesting and delicious selection of wines, and we looked forward to welcoming her back on another occasion.