VETERINARY surgeon Peter Haseler from Studley undertook a charity ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats last month with a group of 14 other cyclists.

Land’s End to John O’Groats is the ultimate UK bike challenge which took 13 days to complete, riding about 989 miles, an average of over 75 miles a day.

The charities chosen for this ride were PetSavers and Prostate Cancer UK.

Only 65 miles from John O’Groats a farmer in a Landrover towing a trailer with a number of big bailed silage pushed past nearly causing four members of the party to fall off.

Unfortunately for Mr Haseler, aged 53, was less lucky and was knocked off his bike while travelling at over 16mph.

This caused him to hit the road with enough force to fracture his collar bone, a number of ribs and cause extensive grazing down his back and shoulders. He was in considerable pain and considered giving up. After a short rest he continued on to meet a support vehicle which took him for a medical examination and treatment. Even though the doctor advised giving up, Mr Haseler was not prepared to let down those that had sponsored him and helped him during the training so he got back on his bike and continued.

He was only supposed to ride 45 miles more on the day of the accident. He knew that he would not be capable of riding the next day so he continued the final 65miles, with a minder, to the end at John O’Groats.

He is now awaiting shoulder surgery.

Pet Savers was chosen because as a practising veterinary surgeon, Mr Haseler understood the frustration of conditions that affect animals and need further research to progress with future treatments. Prostate cancer UK was also chosen because of the need for improvement in the treatment and support for the disease that affects so many men. So far more than £900 has been raised.

Mr Haseler runs Acorn Veterinary centre, a small animal clinic in Studley, with his wife Chris. He has an interest in veterinary dentistry taking referrals from colleagues requiring a dental service. He is a past president of the British Veterinary Dental Association and presently the treasurer of the European Veterinary Dental Society.

People wishing to sponsor Mr Haseler can do so by visiting for PetSavers and for Prostrate Cancer UK.