REDDITCH MP Karen Lumley will be for the high jump when she takes part in a sponsored bungee jump.

The jump, the world's biggest bungee standing 200ft tall, is part of a special fundraising event arranged by The Lucie Southall Leukaemia Fund in Redditch to raise money for Ronald McDonald House, a charity which has helped many local families in the area by providing accommodation for them while their children are in Birmingham Childrens’ Hospital, dealing with some serious conditions.

The MP said: "I’m now only days away from taking part in my first (and possibly last) ever bungee jump. I can’t quite believe that this is actually happening and I’m starting to feel both petrified and excited as the event gets closer.

"The Lucie Southall Leukaemia Fund is an organisation very close to my heart and I have worked with them in the past.

"I’d be really grateful if people you could find the time to sponsor me and tweet/post about this event to raise as much awareness as possible."

The bungee jump event takes place on Saturday, May 24 from 12.30pm, at The Duck Inn Coldfield Drive, Redditch.

To donate or for more information, visit