THEY are a little later than usual this year, but Bordesley Abbey’s resident blue tits are back and nesting.

For the third year running, the birds have made a home in a nesting box set up on the outside of the barn at Forge Mill. The box is fitted with a special CCTV camera so visitors can watch the birds on a television in the visitor’s centre.

Visitors can come and see the birds Monday to Friday, 11am until 4pm or 11am until 3.30pm at the weekend. Visitors are also are welcome to return and are encouraged to check up on the progress of the birds throughout the next few months.

Gillian Crawley, Bordesley Abbey Visitor Centre & Forge Mill Museum manager, said: “We’re so pleased to have our blue tits back for a third year. They’re a little later than usual but we’re pleased to announce that they’re currently sitting on about 10 eggs.

"We welcome everyone to come and take a look at the birds and return to check up on their progress. Not only is it lovely to watch, it’s also a good educational experience for children. We’re hoping for some chicks very soon."

Admission to check-up on the progress of the birds is free, but admission charges still apply for the rest of the attraction.