"THE way to a man’s heart is through his stomach," is one of the secrets of a long, happy marriage according to an Italian couple celebrating their Diamond Wedding Anniversary.

Vittorio and Maria Fusco married in Southern Italy on March 6 1954 and after a honeymoon in Milan, they made the decision to move to Redditch where they have lived happily for 60 years.

Vittorio, now 88, worked at a brickyard in Studley as a young man and then at British Aluminium until his retirement.

Maria spent some years working at Terry’s Springs where she made friends and got to grips with a new language.

Together they raised four children and now enjoy seeing their five grandchildren and one great-grandchild growing up.

Vittorio spends as much time as the weather allows in his garden and greenhouses tending to every fruit, vegetable and flower he can grow, while Maria loves nothing more than cooking traditional Italian food for the family.

The happy couple will be celebrating their milestone anniversary with their family at the Kings Court Hotel in Alcester.