Our bloggers have been busy giving their thoughts on a wide range of subjects.

Rational Teenger tells how difficult it is for her to find a Christmas job and is now happy to work on Christmas Eve or Boxing Day in order to get earning.

Debbi Love is getting in the Christmas spirit and designating a Saturday or Sunday as “Delia Day” in honour of her favourite cook.

Denise Watson has lived in Spain for seven years now and talks about how her English roots are still important to her. She is adding more and more reminders of England to her home – but carpets can’t be found in Spain, and rugs are few and far between (although she has now ordered one from Amazon!

Our Citizen’s Advice Bureau blogger has found foodbanks and the Church of England vote on women bishops as the hot topics this week. He says: “I can report that many of our local hard-working ladies (and men of course!) and churches are, it seems, more concerned about feeding the hungry than worrying about whether a woman can be a bishop or not.”

Student Craig Bateman ponders on the fact that there are thousands of unsung heroes who every day give up their free time to help others and are the Pride of Britain. He has now signed up to do hit his bit by joinging a charity called Fixers UK which focuses on young people tackling social issues such as drugs, homelessness, and prejudices of all kinds.

Abbey Hartley reviews Breaking Dawn Part 2 which, she says, brings an epic finale to the The Twilight Saga, while Kyle Pedley takes off to the West End to review Shrek the Musical which he describes as a dazzling musical experience for a young audience.