VOLUNTEERS from the Alexandra Hospital’s chaplaincy service and the Miscarriage Association are looking to set up a support group or network to help people who have lost a baby.

The Rev Andrew Fisher, chaplain of the Alex Hospital, said there is currently little support in and around Redditch for families who have lost a baby.

He said: “We am hoping to put together some kind of local support group or network for those who have lost a baby.

“We envisage the group/network to be a resource for bereaved parents, siblings and their extended family – all who are affected by the tragedy of losing a child through stillbirth, neonatal death, miscarriage or abortion, regardless of folks’ background, culture or faith.”

At a recent Babies Memorial Service at the hospital, more than 50 people turned up. Mr Fisher said that not only was the loss of a little one very painful, it was also more common than many people think.

He added: “It is vital that we have some input from bereaved families as regards to what they think would be helpful.

“If you have experienced the tragedy of losing of a baby and would like to discuss the project, or be part of the planning process or running of the group/network, do please contact me.”

People can write to The Rev Andrew Fisher, Chaplain, Spiritual & Pastoral Care, The Alexandra Hospital, Woodrow Drive, Redditch B98 7UB.