Worcestershire County Council is working with the Prime Minister's Appointments Secretary in the search for a new Lord-Lieutenant of Worcestershire, following the sad death of Michael Brinton.

The Lord-Lieutenant's role is of a community leader, who will engage in the enterprise, social, civic and voluntary activities in the county, and work to encourage and promote these activities.

The principal duties are to represent The Queen, including arranging visits by members of the Royal family, presenting honours, medals and awards, and leading the local magistracy as Chairman of the Lord Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Justices of the Peace.

Following consultation with those living in the county, the Prime Minister's Appointments Secretary will advise the Prime Minister on whom to appoint, who will in turn make a recommendation to The Queen.

The process of identifying possible successors involves local consultation on the challenges facing the County over the next ten years or so; any attributes particularly desirable in a new Lord-Lieutenant, and any names to be considered as part of the appointment process. The County Council urges residents who have views or ideas on these issues to get in touch. Further information can be found on the Worcestershire County Council website at www.worcestershire.gov.uk/lord-lieutenant