BUSINESS owners and residents in Alcester are being urged to make sure they don’t miss out on new superfast broadband capabilities in the town by filling out an online questionnaire.

The new broadband service will not be universal and areas will have to make a business case in order to receive cabling to street cabinets and premises by responding to an online questionnaire.

Currently broadband is routed out through the national network via cabinets situated on the streets, from where it is then connected up to individual premises.

The deadline for the questionnaires is at the end of the month, and currently responses have been sparse, despite Alcester Town Council leafleting 3,000 homes in the area, and campaigns on Facebook, and through the council newsletter.

Councillor Clive Neal-Sturgess, said: “Superfast broadband is vital for Alcester businesses, schools and homes. BT Openreach have announced that superfast broadband will be available in Alcester in 2013. BT will be putting in fibre optic cables to cabinets (FTTC), and then service providers will put fibre optic cables to premises (FTTP), but the cables will only be laid to cabinets and premises on demand, a business case must exist. Not all cabinets in Alcester will be cabled. We need to show that there is a high level of demand for improved broadband in our area.

“A couple of minutes could make all the difference to your part of Alcester getting superfast broadband. Also persuade your neighbours to complete the survey.”

The survey can be completed at