A GROUP which provides shelter and support for homeless people in Redditch is appealing for volunteers to help run a Christmas Hub.

Radiate Redditch is appealing for volunteers so it can offer a safe place for rough sleepers to go over the festive period - traditionally a time when most organisations shut down.

The hub runs from Christmas Eve until January 2 at the Ecumenical Centre.

During the day, it will provide a drop in space where people can go for food/activities/ or just socialise and spend time with others.

On the nights the group provides a safe shelter for the homeless.

A spokesman from Radiate Redditch said: "If you haven't volunteered with us before please register your interest by messaging us with an email address or phone number. You can email revlev66@gmail.com. More details will then be sent your way.

"If you have volunteered before but are unsure as to whether we have the right contact details for you please also get in touch.

"We at Radiate really appreciate those who freely give of their time and talents. We also know that volunteers repeatedly testify to how enjoyable and satisfying they find participating in the Christmas Hub to be."

The Advertiser recently reported that the group needed to find around £3,000 to run the hub.

That target has been met, thanks to the generosity of the Redditch community, as well as support from the county council, Redditch Lions, and charity Acts Of Kindness among others.

Steve Levett, minister at the Ecumenical Centre, said: "We've just about got our budget for this year but are hoping for more so we can offer transport for those that are vulnerable and isolated.

"We've been doing this for about six or seven years and it has always been amazing. People have been so generous either with giving some money or giving their time."

He thanked everyone for their support so far.

For more details, search for Radiate Redditch on Facebook.