ALCESTER saw the return of the exhilarating Midland Open Tug of War Championships on Sunday.

Teams from all over England met on the Jubilee Fields to weigh in for the men's competition and women’s and youth events.

Event co-organiser Alcester Town Councillor Mike Gittus, along with wife Di, said: "Yet again the sun shone on this ancient sporting event, here in the Roman Market town of Alcester.

"The Jubilee Fields are part of the Alcester Green River Corridor and I think that we should be proud as a town to have such a wonderful green amenity that attracts national sporting events such as this."

The event raised £250 towards Alcester Green River Corridor and Help Hollie, supporting Anthony Nolan Trust.

The results:

Catchweight  Winners Lincoln. RU Felton Eccles

680 kilos Felton Eccles. RU Lincoln

640 kilo Lincoln. RU Felton Eccles

600 kilos Felton. Eccles RU Bosley

Youth and ladies
520 Cupid's Hill (Wales). RU Team Army Youth

560 Team Army Ladies. RU ACF Boys