LOVE browsing for musical bargains and rarities?

Then you're in luck.

Reddington’s Rare Records, a local institution, will be selling off its entire collection of 75,000 albums and singles - for just £1 each.

The store was based in Birmingham for decades before owner Dan Reddington began selling online from Redditch eight years ago.

73-year-old Mr Reddington, who recently had triple-bypass surgery, said he now wanted to spend more time with his family.

He said: "As you get older your tastes and priorities change, that and you get tired more quickly. I still absolutely love music but I love spending time with my family and I want to do that more."

Speaking about the sale he said: "There has been so much excitement about it - I've been getting calls from Singapore, America, Kenya, Japan, Dublin, all over really.

"We've even had an offer from a certain well known Brazilian who is known for buying records in bulk but to be honest I want them to go to proper collectors. I want them to go to people who enjoy looking through boxes, looking at album art, and people who want to buy a record for £1.

"We've always been loyal to our customers and this is no different. We want people to come and find some bargains."

The sale is on September 6 at Mr Reddington's lock up in Unit 2, Britten House, Britten Street, where he has been running his online business.

It starts from noon and is set to include everything from vinyl LPs to box sets, CDs, 7 and 12-inch singles and even 78s.

The immense collection covers a number of genres such as pop, rock, country, rock 'n' roll and jazz and much more.

Any unsold stock will go to his niece who works for the Air Ambulance.

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