ALCESTER’S Alzheimer’s Society is appealing for volunteers to give up their time to help dementia sufferers.

The café in Jubilee Hall, which provides a carers group for people in need of support, was set up by Carole Zambonini who noticed a change in her own mother.

She said: “One day my mother wanted to disown me which was quite a shock as we were always so close. Having been worried about her as she was getting so forgetful I took her to the GP and from there she attended Stratford Hospital every six months.

“I then saw a sign on the GP's wall saying ‘worried about memory, contact the Alzheimers society’ and so I did.”

“I said I didn't think my Mum had Alzheimer's but she did have a really bad memory and was struggling with everyday tasks.

“They organised for help and she started attending day care once per week. This was not enough. We needed more help.”

“We struggled on, she went into a care home and in December 2010 she died in hospital. My mind was made up that no other family should have to go through dementia without support.”

Carole was already an Alzheimer's volunteer, fundraising and helping out at the Stratford café but realised Alcester had no services available for suffers.

She was told if she raised £4,000 the Alzheimer's society would attend a monthly café session in Alcester.

Carole said: “I put notices about starting the café into neighbours houses, friends’ houses, and friends of friends until we had around ten people attend a meeting in my lounge.”

From the meetings a committee was formed and in January 2011 they opened the Alcester café at Globe House.

The room was provided free of charge from the town council.

After around 18 months, the group outgrew its initial venue and they moved to Jubilee Hall.

The group, supported by Cedric Robertshaw, Mike Watson, Alcester town councillor Mike Gittus and its trustee committee, opens twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays 10.30am until 12.30pm.

For more information contact Alcester café chairman Carole Zambonini on 01789 488088 or email