FOR one family, 10pm on Monday, August 4 will always be extra special.

Familiar to millions around the world as the 100 year anniversary of the First World War, for Andy and Alexandra Pyatt it marks the birth of their sixth child Tommy - named after the nickname for British Soldiers.

Proud dad Andy said: "He was born just before 10pm on August 4 so it seemed appropriate to call him Tommy.

"We were hoping he would come earlier as the maternity unit at the Alexandra Hospital had decided, if possible, to turn the lights of for a period to respect the special milestone.

"By the time he arrived the lights had been dimmed and it was a very moving experience. Child birth always is, but it was made more poignant by the anniversary of the war."

Despite needing a few minutes to get him breathing, baby Tommy, born 8lb and 11ozs, is doing well.

Mr Pyatt, from Lodge Park, said: "We were a bit worried but as always the maternity staff at the Alex were great - we owe them a big thank you."

He added: "As a family we think it's extremely important to always remember those who fought and died to keep us safe. It's made even more important by the fact that Alexandra's grandfather was a prisoner of war in Burma in the Second World War and her father was an army medic.

"We always bring our boys up to remember the sacrifices those brave men made, hence it was simple calling the new baby Tommy."