ALCESTER teens are helping younger children read more during the summer holidays by participating in a scheme taking place at libraries throughout Warwickshire.

So far, 56 youngsters have signed up at Alcester library to take part in the Summer Reading Challenge event.

Those between 14 and 19 years old can help out by giving up 10 to 15 hours of their time throughout the holidays to support younger children.

Alcester reading buddy Zoe Davis said: "I am really looking forward to being a reading buddy and to sharing my love of reading. I think the scheme is good in helping children with their communication skills and will be a great confidence boost too."

Alcester reading buddy Catherine Carpenter said: "I really enjoy being part of the Summer Reading Challenge and meeting the children who are joining the scheme. The challenge helps get more children into books and encourages them to use libraries as well."

Those participating borrow and read six books of their choice, of any genre and including audio books, and for their work they receive prizes including stickers and fridge magnets.

Everyone who manages to read all six books will receive a medal and certificate.

Area librarian Alison McKellar said: “It is quite an amazing thing for them coming back throughout the summer, it actually keeps their reading level up for when the go back to school.

“In the last few weeks we have had about 60 children come in and talk to us.

“For the children it is like talking to a big brother or sister. For the buddies it is terrific opportunity for them to be in a work environment and gain valuable work experience.

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