PEOPLE power prevailed in Matchborough following complaints to Partners and Communities Together (PACT) meetings about speeding vehicles in Icknield Street Drive.

The road has had three fatalities in the past and is a speed hotspot so, PACT members decided to hold a speed enforcement session.

Matchborough Councillor Juliet Brunner has had a vehicle activated sign (VAS) monitoring the speed in Ickneild Street Drive and in the week prior to the enforcement day, it recorded 9,953 speeders.

Cllr Brunner and residents spoke to several drivers who were driving over the speed limit and explained how the community felt about their actions.

Mrs Brunner said," Weve sent out a clear message that if you come to our community and speed you need to be prepared for the consequences."

Sue Watkins, chair of Matchborough PACT, said: "I'm really pleased that we were able to work with the police to tackle this problem of speeding motorists. Id like to thank the police and Councillor Brunner for organising this event."

Resident Alan Walker added: "We are taking a proactive approach to stamp out speeding in Matchborough, we certainly don't want any more grieving families in our community."