REDDITCH residents are being urged not to swim in the borough’s waterways as the council installs even more signs in time for the summer.

More than 42km of stretches of water run through the borough, which includes deep weirs with dangerous currents.

Signs deterring people from entering the water are already in place at some hotspots, like Five Tunnels, but as the weather hots up more signs and life saving aids are being put in place. They also feature rescue ropes and location information.

Deputy chief executive Sue Hanley, who is also chair of the North Worcestershire Community Safety Partnership, said: “The new signs we are putting in place not only deter swimming, but explain why it is potentially fatal for people to get in the water, no matter how inviting it looks.

“So we urge everyone to adhere to these signs and ask people not to vandalise these signs or the lifesaving aids that we are installing.

“Such mindless acts not only cost the tax payer money – they could ultimately cost lives.”

The council offers free swimming sessions to under 16s and run life saving lessons too. For more information see to see what’s on at the Abbey Stadium.

Anyone who sees anyone in distress in the water, should call the emergency services, quoting ‘water rescue’ and try to be exact about the location. For more information visit