HASELOR-based cider maker Allen Hogan is celebrating after two of his ciders secured the gold and silver medals at an international competition.

Hogan’s Hazy Daisy took the gold and Hogan’s Medium Cider the silver at the International Cider Challenge , a competition organised through Off Licence News.

149 ciders were entered into the competition last year, and judged by an independent panel including journalists, buyers and producers, who assessed according to taste, appearance and aroma.

Mr Hogan, said: “We are absolutely delighted to win a gold for our Hazy Daisy in the International Cider Challenge. What is really pleasing it that this is the first time a bag-in-box product has won such a prominent competition, giving credibility to the format which is gaining in popularity with customers due to its long shelf life and the freshness of the cider from first to last serve.”