CONTROVERSIAL plans by Tudor Grange Academy to change the three-tier system may be blocked.

The academy, formerly Kingsley College which closed in March, wants to take in year 7 and 8 pupils (a secondary school age range of 11-18 years) from September next year.

However, critics have said the move would destabilise the town’s middle schools and could lead to closures, mergers and the creation of a two-tier education system by stealth.

The academy has been running a consultation into the proposal which ended last week.

Mrs Lumley, who expressed concerns about the speed at which the proposals suggest a change would be made, recently met with officials from the Department for Education in Whitehall.

The MP said: “I, like my constituents, was very concerned about the proposals made by Tudor Grange and therefore made it a priority to get a meeting at the Department for Education to clarify the wider policy situation.

"The officials I met with made it clear that even within the academy system it is unlikely that the department would approve any school proposals if these had a considerable knock-on effect on other schools and the wider community, unless in the most exceptional of circumstances.

"I was pleased that they too had concerns about the speed of the proposed move and insisted that people must be thoroughly consulted on any change affecting their community in order to find a wider solution."

She urged any concerned parents to contact her office on 01527 591334.