SINGLE dads in Redditch are being encouraged to join a new up-and-coming group.

The aim of Local Dads Network, started by Russell Wall, is to get dads to socialise and develop friendships with others in the same situation within the town.

Mr Wall said: "The idea was that this is a group to help single dads socialise with others in a similar situation and develop friendships that can grow within and outside of the group, but there is also a need to extend this so that it isn't exclusive for single dads but for all dads who want to extend their social circle.

"I envision the group meeting twice a month, one as a dad's night in a local pub maybe some food and as the group develops maybe these can become slightly more adventurous.

"The next meeting would be with kids in either a large planned event such as a day-trip to the beach or a smaller informal meet at the cinema or soft play centre."

If anyone is interested or would like more information, visit the facebook page