VOTERS will soon be able to decide who they would like to represent them on Stratford District Council.

Local election will be held on Thursday, May 22 with seats up for grabs in Alcester, Studley, Bidford, Kinwarton and Sambourne.

Standing in Alcester ward will be Mark Cargill (Con), Andrew Foster (Lab), Debbie Griffiths (Green), Susan Juned (Lib Dem) and Clive McNally (UKIP).

In Studley the candidates are Wayne Bates (Lab), Simon Lawton (Con) and Hazel Wright (Lib Dem).

Standing in Bidford will be Maureen Ashfield (Lab), Trevor Honychurch (Lib Dem), Neil Lawrence (UKIP) and Darren Pemberton (CON).

In the Kinwarton ward, the candidates are Lynn Bowring (Lib Dem), Mike Gittus (Con) and John Hartigan (Lab).

In Sambourne it's Tracy Doherty (Lab), Julian Ingram (Lib Dem) and Justin Kerridge (Con).

Voting will take place between 7am and 10pm.