LIONS Clubs throughout the UK are promoting a health initiative that enables people to keep their personal and medical details where they can be found in an emergency - in the fridge.

And Redditch Lions are leading this initiative, known as Message in a Bottle (MIAB) in Worcestershire.

This scheme is free to the user. While it is focused on the more vulnerable people in the community, anyone can fall downstairs or collapse and be found unconscious in their own home This scheme can therefore benefit anyone.

A Redditch Lions spokesman said: "At a minimum, it will save the emergency services valuable time identifying the person, their emergency contacts and tell whether the person has special medication or allergies.

"It is a potential lifesaver and provides peace of mind to users, their friends and families."

The Lions' Message In A Bottle scheme is a simple idea designed to encourage people to keep their personal and medical details on a standard form and in a common location - the fridge.

A plastic container is supplied with a form and two green cross self adhesive stickers. The form is completed, placed in the bottle and then in a compartment in the fridge.

On the outside of the fridge door, one green cross sticker is placed, while the second is placed beside the latch on the inside of the exit door of the property.

Any member of the emergency services, all of whom have been trained to look for these green cross stickers, will notice it and know where to find the person's details, especially medical conditions and medication. Treatment can then begin straight away instead of waiting to get to a hospital before assessment can begin. This will then save precious time in diagnosis and return to health.

Bottles, which are free of charge, can normally be found in people's local chemist or doctors surgeries.

One of the chemists who is particularly enthusiastic about the scheme and about helping the Lions promote the scheme is Kiran Patel of the Hillview Pharmacy in Bromsgrove Road, Redditch, who is only too happy to supply the bottles to his customers.

The Lions spokesman added: "Thanks to a number of other organisations, you may also find that you can obtain a bottle through your nearest Neighbourhood Watch group, Age Concern, council offices, housing associations and many other places.

"If you are unable to find a bottle at either your GP surgery or chemist, please contact Redditch Lions Club on 0845 833 5914."