REDDITCH'S very own man of steel has completed the world's most demanding one-day survival ordeal, and lived to tell the tale.

Jamie Hodgkinson, 29, is a fitness instructor from Winyates Green who took part in the annual Tough Guy race, described as "the toughest race in the world" in which before taking part, entrants must sign a "death warrant", which absolves the organisers of any legal liability in the case of injury.

Some of the obstacles participants came up against included hills, swamps, pools barbed wire and even hanging electric cables, but despite all this the stamina supremo still made it to the end.

"I've been running for years and always want to keep challenging myself," he said.

"It used to be a 10 mile challenge, which I completed in 2010, but this was the first year that they turned it into a full marathon. I am a personal trainer and spend a lot of time telling people to push themselves and watching them pushing themselves harder inspired me to push myself harder too."

Mr Hodgkinson said the race tests every ability imaginable, with entrants climbing the equivalent of Mount Everest twice and swimming through freezing lakes. Out of 200 entries who started the race only 45 made it round the course on the day.

"It' more mentally draining - it's like someone's there trying to stop you from running the whole time. Everything is thrown at you. I felt quite isolated going around the course because so many people had dropped out. At about 11 miles it hit me that there was a long way to go."

He was sponsored by fitness company MK Health Hub and together they raised money for UK military charity Help for Heroes.

"My dad was in the army. He didn't suffer any injuries but I have great respect fro those who risk their lives for their country."

Mr Hodgkinson finished the course in 7 hours 22 mins but was back in training a week later.