A VISITOR attractions company from Norway has applied for planning permission to build an Edvard Greig-themed amusement park in Alcester.

Veiviseren Entertainment, which already owns Brahms Land in Hamburg, Germany and Chopin Towers in Warsaw, Poland, chose Alcester after being made aware of the town's already existing Greig Hall, with managing director Magnus Carew saying it would be the perfect place to start their new project.

"The fact that the people of Alcester already have a place to celebrate Norway's most famous composer shows they are obviously a cultural bunch, yes?" he said.

"Now they will get to enjoy many rides and have many fun times together as they learn about the life of such a great man."

The proposed theme park, to be named Greig World, would cover approximately 3.2km square and would include a rollercoaster based on Greig's Piano Concerto in A minor running through Fairwater Crescent, a ghost-train encompassing the composer's Peer Gynt score located off Moorfield Road and a small museum about famous people in history with moustaches built near St Nicholas Church.

Mr Carew added that he wasn't worried about possible opposition from local residents as: "a small, market town like this would be thrilled to welcome several coachloads of tourists from around the globe to its doorstep every day - think of the business all those coffee shops could do."

If planning permission is granted the company has promised it will reimburse any residents whose homes may be destroyed in the building process, which is expected to last between 6-8 years.