REDDITCH Round Table has recently provided funds to the Matchborough Scouts as part of its continued support to the local community and local causes.

The Matchborough Scouts are run by a team of volunteers who give up their time to manage the centre and organise various activities for the group of scouts that attend the centre.

When the leaders were given the opportunity to help Redditch Round Table during the Christmas charity collection, the leaders and volunteers jumped at the opportunity.

Debbie Mills, who leads the volunteer group, said: "We are here to provide an opportunity for youngsters that want to join the scout movement.

"We were more than happy to help Redditch Round Table with their charity collection and equally delighted to get a cheque from them to help meet some of our costs."

Redditch Round Table chairman, Kul Bwail, added: ‘Without the help of volunteers such as the scouts, it would be difficult to cover the Christmas charity collection routes.

"We were delighted with the support from Debbie and her group - they provide such an invaluable opportunity for youngsters in their own time but were still happy to give up more of their time for the Christmas collections.

"They have earned a much needed cheque to upgrade some of their equipment and to help pay for some of the activities that they provide to youngsters."

Redditch Round Table is always keen to hear from local groups and associations that want to help with collections during charity collection events and also those groups that need support from the Redditch Round Table Charity.

Get in touch with the group through the website at or through Facebook at