WORCESTERSHIRE County Council's Choose how you move in Redditch project has made significant changes to its website – www.chooseredditch.com – in a bid to improve access to information related to sustainable travel.

Users can now follow recent Twitter posts and see videos, as well as learn detailed information about the project's work with schools, colleges and employers. There are also links to the sites of key partnership organisations and travel planning tools.

Kevin Thompson, marketing and communications officer for the county council, said: "The changes to the website help to improve public awareness of sustainable travel options at a time when there is uncertainty about the exact provision of bus services across the county.

"In spite of this, we still aim to encourage positive changes in the behaviours and attitudes to sustainable travel which can help to build life-long benefits."

Interim research commissioned by the £2.8m project is showing it is reaching targets, before the project winds up in 15 months time, with almost 30 per cent more people surveyed having a greater awareness of the cause and messages compared to baseline research in 2012.