A NEW website has been created to show off the positive and good things about Redditch.

visitredditch.org.uk, was started by Anthony Green, one of the founder members of the Redditch Local History Society, to promote the town and everything it has going for it.

It includes historical information about the town and lists its benefits and many attractions, including a wide range of hotels and places to eat, a first class shopping centre, the Forge Mill Needle Museum, the site of an historic abbey, a renovated theatre built 100 years ago, and the towns' parks, gardens and woodland.

Mr Green said: "I was born in Redditch in 1943, so I have lived through the change from being a small industrial town, with a population of less than 30,000 to a modern 21st century town three times the size.

"However, Redditch has always retained its character.

"It has has significant benefits both for people who live here and for visitors which I do not think are recognised and I have set out with this website to correct this."

He added: "I hope that this website will help to make the people of the town understand the attractions of their town, and also to encourage people from outside to visit us."

For more information, go to visitredditch.org.uk.