REDDITCH MP Karen Lumley has led a debate and spoke directly to the Health Minister Dr Dan Poulter MP in Parliament pressing the need to keep health services at the Alexandra Hospital.

Speaking ealrier today the MP outlined the need for a sustainable long lasting solution and highlighted how the current model of care is not an option going forward for providing the best range of quality health services for the people of Redditch.

She asked a series of questions to the Health Minister, receiving confirmation that the Alex Hospital is owned by the people and not by any specific hospitals trust.

The Health Minister responded to the speech by stating he will do all he can to ensure local commissioners are able to make a decision as swiftly as possible and that in the next few months he is hopeful a conclusion can be drawn which will provide high quality level of care for the people of Redditch.

Speaking after the debate Mrs Lumley said: “Today was an important step in continuing to press the need to help protect vital services at the Alexandra Hospital.

"I will not cease campaigning for a full range of health services to be provided at our excellent hospital and provide the outcome which the people of Redditch deserve.

"I was pleased that the Minister recognised that historically the current model of health care has shown to be unsustainable and that he will urge local commissioners to arrive to a conclusion swiftly taking into account both options on the table.”

To watch today's debate from Parliament click here from time stamp 11am onwards.