THE Kingfisher Shopping Centre in Redditch is thrilled to announce that in the last year, it was able to donate more than £160,000 worth of promotional space to local charities to make shoppers aware of their causes.

The donation, which took the form of free space within the centre, and help to organisations to promote their charities, is something that the Kingfisher team has been proactive in trying to bring to the centre since a new management team were installed to help interact and engage with the wider community around Redditch.

Charities such as The Stroke Association and Women’s Aid have taken advantage of the Kingfisher’s help this year and have been able to raise money for their causes by being positioned in the heart of the 20th largest shopping destination in the UK.

Ken Williams, general manager of the centre, which has recently been purchased by Capital and Regional. said: “We are delighted that we have been able to offer so much help to local charities allowing them to fundraise for their excellent causes.

“We really want to be at the centre of the community here in Redditch and hope that we can continue to work with the charities and community groups. There have been some fantastic organisations represented over the past year and we are just thankful that we were able to facilitate them by providing space.”