REDDITCH Freegle is celebrating its seventh anniversary.

Now with more than 12,500 members, rehoming unwanted items locally has never been easier and the new year is a great time for residents to start.

Freegle is a grassroots network of reuse groups run by volunteers. There are 370 independent groups spread across the UK with nearly 1.5 million members.

Freegle groups match people who have things they want to get rid of with people who want them - like Ebay but no money changes hands.

Items advertised on the popular Redditch website range from furniture, electrical equipment, building materials, sheds and pianos to smaller items such as books, DVDs, toys and clothing.

Kevin White, founder of Redditch Freegle, said "Seven years ago, I never dreamed that Redditch Freegle could ever be as successful as it has become. We now have over 12,500 members and we estimate that Redditch Freegle saves up to 10 tonnes of usable items from landfill each month.

"Redditch Freegle is free to join and open to anyone who has something they would otherwise throw away. Gifts received for Christmas will mean many people now have older items surplus to requirements. Freegle is a very easy way to find someone local who can use your 'junk' and they'll normally collect it from your house, saving you the hassle of taking to the tip.

"In the current economic crisis and with landfill space diminishing fast, the free service provided by Freegle is more important than ever. If there's something you need, it's well worth trying Freegle before you spend your money. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the quality and amount of items up for grabs.”

Anyone interesting in joining the Redditch group should visit