CHILDREN at Walkwood CofE Middle School have been supporting the World Toilet organisation to raise awareness of the struggle that 2.6 billion people face every day without access to proper, clean sanitation.

Children learned about the importance of clean water and hygiene from a personal and global perspective.

They also took direct action to improve the health and education of their peers in Tanzania by joining with Himbleton CofE First School to raise funds for the construction of toilets at St Matthews School, Morogoro.

Year eight students performed a play highlighting the importance of good hygiene and the Walkwood International links Team organised a traditional fete.

There was a toilet roll sculpture competition and students were also encouraged to spend a penny by donating copper coins. In total £538 was raised.

If anyone would like to get involved in fundraising for this cause, they can contact Miss Deegan at Walkwood on 01527 543361.