A REDDITCH reverend said she was “sickened” at the vote which has blocked women from becoming Church of England bishops.

On Tuesday, November 20, the general synod of the Church of England voted narrowly against the appointment of women as bishops.

The measure was passed by the synod's houses of bishops and clergy but was rejected by the House of Laity.

The Rev Jo Musson, assistant curate at The Bridge Church, in Headless Cross, said: “I am sickened at the outcome of the vote at Synod. This result does not reflect the views of the Church of England. In fact the majority of bishops, priests and lay people at Synod voted in favour of women bishops.

“It is frustrating for all those who work so hard to be inclusive, that a minority of people have managed to hamper progress yet again, because when dioceses were consulted, 42 out of 44 dioceses across England gave their support for women priests to become bishops.”

She added: “I want to reassure residents of Redditch and especially those in our parish here in Headless Cross and Southcrest, that the outcome of yesterday's vote is not in our name, here at The Bridge.

“Here, we want everyone to know they are loved and respected as equals. We believe God wants everyone to flourish and to achieve the maximum of their God-given potential regardless of their gender, race, sexuality, intellect, wealth, or background.

“I know that many other local churches and Christians will want to affirm this too.”

Supporters have vowed to continue their campaign to allow women to be appointed as bishops but it could be five years before a similar vote can be held.

Controversy had centred on the provisions for parishes opposed to women bishops to request supervision by a stand-in male bishop.