THE latest data showing where people dying from Covid-19 are from in Worcestershire has been released.

And the early trend, showing Wyre Forest, Wychavon and Bromsgrove were the worst hit areas, has continued in the next set of data that is now being released weekly by the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

We previously reported on the first release of the data that breaks down into the local authority area of where the person was from. That first publication included the total for the entire year up to April 3.

Some of the deaths are ones previously not reported on, as the daily figure released by the NHS is only people dying of Covid-19 at Worcestershire hospitals, including the community hospitals.

That NHS data also provides no information of where people are from, which the ONS data provides.

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The new ONS figures go up to April 10. It shows in the week between April 3 and April 10:

● 11 people from Wyre Forest died in hospital, six from Bromsgrove, six from Wychavon, six from Malvern, five from Redditch, and four from Worcester.

● Five people from Bromsgrove died in a care home, two from Wyre Forest, one from Malvern, and one from Redditch.

● And there was a further death, with a Wychavon resident dying at a hospice during that week.

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This new weekly data added on to the overall figure for the year up to April 10 now shows:

● A total of 32 Wyre Forest people had died; 27 in hospital, three in a care home, and one person at home.

● A total of 32 Bromsgrove residents had died; 23 in hospital, seven in a care home, and a further death listed at a place called ‘elsewhere’.

● A total of 24 Wychavon residents had died; 19 in hospital, two in a care home, two at their homes, and one at a hospice.

● A total of 15 Redditch residents had died; 13 in hospital, one at home and one in a care home.

● A total of 12 Malvern Hills people had died; 10 in hospital, two in a care home.

● A total of 11 Worcester people had died; nine in hospital, one in a hospice, and one at a communal establishment.

● Overall a total of 125 county residents had died of Covid-19, by April 10.