Prince Andrew’s revealing interview, the General Election and Brexit make headlines on Sunday’s papers.

The Sunday Telegraph features a main picture of Prince Andrew, but its lead story says every Conservative candidate in the General Election will have to sign a Brexit deal pledge.

The Mail on Sunday says the nation watched the prince “squirm” as he said “not one single word of remorse”.

The Sunday Times has a series of pictures of Andrew on the BBC programme, but its splash is on allegations that the Army “covered up torture and child murder”.

The Observer leads with a story saying Andrew denies having sex with a teenager who claims he did so, saying he was at home after a pizza party when the alleged incident occurred.

The Independent, in an exclusive, says the Institute for Fiscal Studies has sounded a warning over spending pledges made by the Tory government.

The Sunday Mirror leads with a story saying “Prince  Andrew denies
being the ‘sweaty’ nightclub dancer who slept with a 17-year-old.”

The Sunday People features a splash headline on a rape case, saying “Why was my rapist allowed into the country?”

And the Daily Star Sunday warns that flooding is expected to hit Britain in the run up to Christmas.