WARRIORS' Chris Pennell insists he wants to play out the remainder of his career with Worcester as he prepares to make his 250th appearance for the club on Saturday against Leicester Tigers.

Pennell will go second on the list of Worcester appearances behind another Warriors legend, Craig Gillies, who made 288 between 2002-2013.

'Pens', as he is known by most, made his debut back in 2007 against Bath and has been through many ups and downs with the club but he believes that has helped him develop into the player, and man, he is today.

"There have been lots of difficult moments," he said.

"But I am a firm believer that you learn a lot more through mistakes and failures than you do through success and it's been an incredibly character building journey so far.

"I would say that the tough times are made a whole lot easier when you’re surrounded by seriously good people, certainly here at this club and then you add into that I have such a supportive family around me.

"It’s difficult to complain when we are getting to pursue our dreams every weekend but of course we all have our frustrations and issues but the beauty of team sport is that those highs, when you get to share them with good people, are the things that make it worth while and really stick by you

"I will take with me when I do decide to hang up my boots."

Most players of Pennell's quality would deserve playing for higher honours than perhaps Pennell has but playing rugby for your home city is something which means a great deal to him.

"I think I have always been fortunate at Worcester where I have been contracted early, only recently, the last couple of contracts where I have been into my last year, I have always been offered extensions," he added.

"So the thought of leaving, from a business perspective, has never really been there and then when you add in the fact this is my home club and everything the club has done for me, the loyalty side, it makes it a fairly easy decision.

"We are still on a journey and we’re on that upward curve again now and that’s always what I’ve wanted to be a part of.

"In an ideal world I want to be here for my entire career, so finger’s crossed I can be.

"You only get one opportunity to play rugby and I’d love to do it all in one place.

"For it to be my home team and at a club I have been through an awful lot with, would be fantastic."

And whilst at 33, Pennell admits he is still at peak fitness and maintains that he will continue to play until he feels he cannot play to the high standards he sets himself.

"As I have got older I have taken the pressure off myself," he said.

"I have always said to myself, as long as I am enjoying playing and I am physically able to play at the standard I want to, I have no reason to stop playing.

"As things stand, I still hugely enjoy what I do and I am genuinely still improving and body wise, I feel as good as I did at 26 years old.

"I don't see myself finishing any time soon, I'd certainly like to carry on past this season and then after that, we will see.

"I would like to stay in and around the club, whatever that might look like, I still don't know yet."