Warriors players are back in business, gearing up for the new season by finally returning to training.

Training resumed at Sixways on June 15 after coronavirus caused the season to be prematurely ended.

Players are training as individuals or in groups of individuals, all while exercising social distancing.

Other measures include training with staggered starts and a one-way system in operation through the club's High Performance Centre to the pitch then into the gym.

Warriors prop Ethan Waller said: "It’s really good to come back and see the boys, the energy was great. It’s nice to train in a proper environment instead of in my shed.

"The training is similar to a normal pre-season except it’s a bit more condensed and intense because we have time slots that we have to get in and out.

"The measures the club have put in place make you feel really safe coming back into the club.

"That was one of the big concerns for a lot of people because rugby is a contact sport. But Gené Willis, our head of stadium operations and our managing director Peter Kelly and the Warriors staff have all done an outstanding job in getting this place as safe as it can be. You are probably a lot safer training here than you are going to the shops.

"The thermal screening technology is another aspect which makes you feel safe coming in. Safety is paramount.

"You don’t want to be coming here risking yourself and possibly bringing something back to your family and loved ones.

"We’ve got that and also a symptom checker so that if anything is wrong we go straight back home."

The new thermal screening system provided by Spookfish Innovations, Warriors’ Exclusive Official Thermal Screening Supplier and the most advanced testing system in the Premiership, was also in use for the first time.

The technology uses industrial-grade thermal cameras and intelligent machine learning to precisely measure temperatures at the inner corner of the eye – where the body temperature is most constant – to detect for fever which is a key indicator of the Coronavirus.

Warriors players also have a wellbeing app on their mobile phones which they have to complete before arriving for training each day.

Premiership Rugby has set a target date of August 15 for the resumption of the 2019/20 season.

The structure for the remainder of the 2019-20 season - for which the original date for the Premiership final was June 20 - will be released in due course.