WARRIORS’ Marco Mama revealed how the lockdown period during the coronavirus pandemic is allowing him to focus on his exploits away from rugby.

Injured Mama, who turns 29 today, is one of a number of Worcester players allowed to go to Sixways to use training facilities and take advantage of some one-to-one rehabilitation work.

The club announced last week that certain injured players could continue their recovery as long as the social distancing measures were adhered to.

“I am in a unique group of individuals that are allowed to go to the club,” Mama said.

“I have one-on-one physio treatment without any physical contact but he can facilitate some treatment/rehabilitation with me because I have an injury and the Warriors are quite keen on getting their players who are currently injured continuing their treatment.

“As long as we maintain the necessary safety measures in place at the minute I can go into the club and use some equipment to aid my recovery.”

Whilst this is a frustrating and uncertain time for most, Mama suggests it is not all doom and gloom and says he is finding ways to stay busy.

“There are some positive things that have come from this,” the back row admitted.

"My little brother-in-law and my sister are both at university and instead of being stranded there they have moved into my house and my mum has flown in from Zimbabwe to help out here.

“I have been playing a bit of golf as well as it’s the one sport that is actually safe at the moment and there are loads of petitions going round to keep golf clubs open and I am definitely a big fan of that (although golf courses have since been shut).

“One thing the clubs are doing is things like getting rid of bunkers because they don’t want people touching the rakes, they are elevating the holes so that you don’t need to touch the flags, you can just pick your ball up out of the hole so as far as doing sports and getting out there and staying active golf has been the best one.

“It almost feels a bit like a weird Christmas! But for now there’s enough going on to keep me occupied.”

Mama resides in the Cotswolds and owns a holiday-let property in which he currently has a few places on Airbnb but despite there being little interest due to the virus it is allowing him time to develop the properties.

“I am very fortunate enough to live in the Cotswolds where there is a lot of space and not many people around so there are many walks and many things we can do outside,” he said.

“I have a holiday-let property so I stay quite busy with that. At the moment they are completely dead due to the virus but I have been taking the opportunity to develop them as much as we can.”