HOMEGROWN talent “supplemented by x-factor international players” is central to the vision Alan Solomons has for Worcester Warriors according to co-owner Colin Goldring.

Squad depth has been at the heart of work conducted by Goldring and director of rugby Solomons as the Sixways outfit prepares for a summer of transition having lost some crowd favourites.

There are eight new signings with 15 first-team players retained and five academy lads awarded senior contracts.

In total there have been 12 departures including popular wingers Josh Adams and Bryce Heem and two retirements in Wynand Olivier and Dewald Potgetier.

In May Solomons said he was “very happy” with the make-up of his 44-man squad for next season and would not be looking to make further additions.

Goldring said: “I worked closely with Alan on the recruitment window and you have to trust that he has a hell of a lot of experience in rugby.

“I think it is important to have depth in the squad, rugby is a game you suffer injuries in and having good cover in each position is vital.

“Some roles involve players that can play multiple positions, others are fixed but Alan has considered that very carefully and made sure he has depth in the squad.

“Alan is also a big believer in investing in the youth and Worcester has historically had great players coming through, some of the best players in the Premiership have come out of the club.

“This is a good region for producing quality rugby players. Unfortunately, those players tend to move on.

“You have a few core guys in the squad, real club men and what we have been very fortunate to have inherited is a great foundation of youth coming through, around 11 great players.

“Alan’s vision is that those Worcester boys will be the core of the squad supplemented by x-factor international players like Melani (Nanai).

“He is a bit like Bryce (Heem), who was relatively unknown before he came here and did a fantastic job for the club. Bryce put in a 100 per cent but had this natural plan to move on, in fact he overstretched it.

“We were sad to see Bryce go, as we were Josh (Adams) but he had to play in Wales to further his international ambitions and we respected that decision.

“We have done our best to bring in x-factor players. Ed (Fidow) is tracking very well, Melani is tracking very well and our existing team did an excellent job last season.

“I could not fault how well they fought in those very tough games and I feel very lucky. We have a good squad for next season.”