Lorraine Britt *Lori‏ (@LBrittAuthor).

So proud of how hard they fought! Quite the feat to shut down the Chiefs like they did. The lads just dug in and didn't give an inch.

Paul Hopkinson‏ (@PaulHWarrior).

I thought the victory at Leicester was amazing but I think this has topped it! To go to Sandy Park and defend like that was brilliant.

Neil Clifton‏ (@NeilClifton).

A solid performance - managed the game very well - certainly a better performance than our league position suggests. Very proud of the squad.

Kevin Crimmons‏ (@bcukevcrimmons).

One of the defining performances in recent history. Massive mental fortitude!

Matt Hole‏ (@GearboxMatt).

They played in the right areas of the field and stuck in there. Great grit and determination.

Nikki Jamieson.

Awesome result - we didn’t win away last season and have now beaten the champions in their back yard - top bombing guys!

James Goodman.

I am so proud and so happy for all the players and fans.

We have and are still going through hard times, but this is what it’s all about. That’s twice we have beaten Chiefs. Let’s all join in the celebrations together.

Paul Ward.

What a win, just what the Worcester Warriors team, fans and staff needed. With so much uncertainty, hoping this is our turning point. COYW!

Stephen Moakes.

Don't want to take anything away from our amazing players but the Worcester fans were fantastic from start to finish.

Beckie Louise.

Our defence was outstanding! Exeter had a top-class team on the field and we took the game to them! Proud as anything.

Justin Wadhams.

Great result from a close, hard-fought game!

I was on the edge of my seat for the last 10 minutes.

Massive defensive effort by the Warriors and the Chiefs just couldn't find an opening.