RETURNING paceman Steve Magoffin is placing "great trust" in Worcestershire's backroom staff in a bid to put his injury woes behind him.

Magoffin missed the majority of his final season with Sussex through injury after five success-laced years with the ball.

But since linking up with Worcestershire for a second time, he has enjoyed a successful two month pre-Christmas programme which has continued since the players have reported back.

He has sat down with head of sport and science Ben Davies and strength and conditioning coach Ross Dewar to work out the best possible programme.

Magoffin said: “Last year was really difficult for me. I missed the majority of the season and had a couple of little injuries at the start of the season.

“It was one of those years where I kept trying to get back before I was ready and I was chasing my tail for a little while.

“That was really frustrating. Thankfully I’m okay now and I’ve had a great eight weeks prior to Christmas.

“We had a few weeks off for Christmas but are back in again now and everything is on track.”

Magoffin added: "The support staff here have been brilliant. We’ve spent a lot of time talking together about how to really make sure my preparation is perfect for this winter.

“They’ve got a great record of handling things well – not just with younger bowlers but also people like Alan Richardson.

“He was here for a long time playing at the age I am now and with both Ross and Ben in charge of his preparation.

“I’ve got great trust in them and what they are doing and so I’m really positive about having a big impact this year.”