Some Redditch folk may not be aware that Redditch has a famous author, Roy Clews.

He was Redditch’s villain and in the 1970s, be began writing about Victorian Redditch.

He used the pseudonym of Sara Fraser to hide his identity as he was wanted by the French Foreign Legion from which he had absconded, and by the British Police for his involvement with the IRA.

He has now reformed and lives quietly in Wales. He still writes but sells to the American market who love his tales of old Redditch.

He is just completing a third book about Tom, the first Redditch policeman.

When I met him earlier in the year, he told me that he had an attic full of his 1970 books, author’s copies.

I said that I would sell them for him. If anyone would like a copy of Roy Clews’ books, please could they telephone me and I will arrange to show them what I have, or send them a copy of my lists.

Forge Mill, ASAP Printers at Headless Cross and Rutters of Studley also hold a few copies. We are selling them for £7 each, a small percentage goes to the shopkeeper to cover costs and all the rest goes directly to Roy Clews. Please note: the books are adult reading.

Anne Bradford 01527 542516