HEREFORDSHIRE farming has risen to the challenge of delivering the nation’s food under the regulations and policies of the day.

One of the first innovative pioneers in around 1750 was Benjamin Tomkins, nominally credited as the founder of the Hereford cattle breed.

Ever since, this county has spawned entrepreneurial creative-thinking people driving businesses that have had substantial success and influence well beyond our county’s borders.

Bulmer’s , Westons, Tyrells, Avara Foods, Chase, S & A Produce and Haygrove, to name but a few, are all global brands based in Herefordshire whose founding families still choose to live here because it is home and they care deeply for this wonderful landscape.


Herefordshire farming for generations has lived off the land, moulded it, nurtured it, and protected it to hand on to the next generation.

I suspect these people could run their empires from anywhere in the world, but they choose Herefordshire, and the economy and environment of Herefordshire needs them.

Farming and food production is a highly regulated industry under the framework of the day.

If the average dairy farmer allowed slurry to enter a watercourse like many sewage treatment plants they would be prosecuted.

Practices have to change to meet the stipulations of environmental frameworks in which our county lies.

Nutrients or wastes, however you choose to categorise them, need to be measured, managed and harnessed in order to produce climate-friendly nutritious food at all price points to feed an ever-increasing population.

Herefordshire farming has always been fleet of foot to deliver to the market requirements of the day and long may it continue.


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