WE are all appalled at the tragedy playing out in the Ukraine after the unwarranted aggression of Vladimir Putin and his acolytes.

The brave citizens of that country are fighting and dying for the freedoms we all take for granted.

And in Herefordshire those Ukrainians who have moved here to work can only look on in horror at what is happening in their country.


The Green Party is a significant part of the coalition currently running Herefordshire Council.

Green Party national policy is to decommission the UK’s own nuclear weapons and insist on the removal of US nuclear bases as well as taking the UK out of Nato.

In the view of that party there is little or no threat of direct invasion of the UK by any nation and that commitment to a large standing army, a navy of large warships around our coastline, squadrons of fighter planes and a cripplingly expensive missile defence system is therefore unnecessary.

I am sure we would all like to know whether our Green councillors still subscribe to this fantasy make-believe world following Russia’s callous invasion of a neutral democratic country.


Weston under Penyard

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