IN REPLY to letter ‘What a failure!’published on October 28: Do not vote, because Peter is throwing his toys out of his pram and can’t get a bypass.

RELEVANT NEWS: Boycott future elections if Hereford bypass is not built

So this is not political? It isn’t environmental?

The loss of habitat, wildlife and the carrying of oils etc.

And the damage that does is not environmental?

How can we blame the administration if it is not political?

If it is not a funding issue, then is Peter going to pay for it?

I won’t be happy if my taxes go towards it. Get the park and ride up and running, get rid of the school traffic and then vote against the Tories, who have cut us to the bone so that we can’t afford the infrastructure required.

Meanwhile, Peter from Richards Castle sits in his safe

habitat or in the traffic queues adding to the traffic!



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