I SHARE the sentiments of Ursula Lowe, Compassion for turkeys' - but suspect her agenda was less about animal welfare and more to do with her own vegetarian values.

The Bible makes numerous references to the consumption of animals; Jesus himself participated in Passover which included eating lamb. Surely the Christian Vegetarian Association is at odds with the very book they use as the basis of their religion?

If you wish to continue eating meat there is an alternative. There are many local suppliers where you can source quality meat that has not been intensively reared and has enjoyed a happy life' prior to reaching our plates. Although this meat costs more when compared to mainstream supermarket produce, this is a small price to pay in order to ensure we enjoy an ethically reared product, whilst at the same time supporting independent producers.

In providing intensively reared food at low cost the supermarkets are fulfilling the needs of the consumer who want value and who are not concerned about animal welfare. I have no doubt that a greater awareness of the latter would lead an end to the practices that Ursula was so right to criticise.

Ben Walker, Brockhill.