I welcome the fact Rebecca Jenkins, Labour’s new candidate for Redditch, has been open about how she voted remain in the EU referendum.

However, I’m concerned that Labour doesn’t actually have a Brexit policy or a strategy to deal with the ongoing negotiations. It’s all good and well for Rebecca to say she doesn’t want a ‘hard Brexit,’ but please could she explain to me and the rest of Redditch what Labour’s Brexit policy actually is.

On the morning after the referendum, Jeremy Corbyn called on the Government to invoke Article 50 immediately with no strategy for the negotiations or a plan for Britain post-Brexit. How stupid.

Now, after being deliberately ambiguous about their Brexit policy for months, Labour now appear to be making up their Brexit policy on a daily basis. And voters are starting to recognise the fact Labour has no Brexit strategy.

One minute they want to leave the single market and customs union, the next minute both are still open to negotiation. One minute they rule out a second referendum, then next they can’t categorically rule out a referendum. After all, Corbyn sacked Owen Smith for calling for a second referendum, but Diane Abbott remains in post after saying exactly the same thing to her constituents.

Labour must now be honest with the people of Redditch about their Brexit strategy. A large majority of us voted for Brexit in Redditch and so no matter who our MP is, they should support Brexit.

Labour and Rebecca Jenkins, are we leaving the single market and customs union or what? To go against this would fly in the face of all us in Redditch who voted for Brexit. We knew exactly what we were voting for. So don’t treat us like fools.

Adam Thomas